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Title: Diesel generators and low voltage cabinet overhaul procedures
Time: 2013/7/11 11:27:57
12.7.2 Preparation before the start diesel generator and inspection diesel generator did not do a good job before the start of the examination and are not allowed to start the preparatory work before startup, operation mode selection switch should be in the "OFF" position. diesel generator start or put into operation mode selection switch, you should check the battery charging power supply, control, signal system power supply, cooling water temperature control, air system, fuel system, lube oil system into normal. Close the battery charging power supply, check the red light and the battery charging source voltage (24V-30V) or so, battery capacity should meet the crew nine consecutive start electricity use. check the cooling water temperature heater power input and the red light. check the indoor fuel storage tank (should meet the crew eight hours of continuous operation at full load of oil reserves) oil level is normal, open diesel generators into the throttle. Oil method using manually. fuel system before starting to drain air, otherwise it will affect the engine does not start. Inspection before the start diesel generator For diesel generator sets have been the end of all the work ticket, diesel and other obstructions to the work unattended. check oil level normal diesel generators. investigation diesel generator cooling water level is normal. check Preheat normal diesel generators. Unit without leakage, water leakage, the machine clean and free of debris, vent free of debris. dashboard clean inside and outside, no debris, the electrical circuit is normal and no alarm on the control panel. check all the switches in the correct position to meet the start-up requirements, check the diesel generator in place on the dashboard "Emergency Stop" button in the correct position, check the diesel generator outlet switch is in the off position. diesel generator before starting the application 1000V shake table measuring insulation, and its value is not less than 0.5MΩ.
12.7.3 diesel generator starts and stops diesel generator startup mode is divided into: automatic, remote (CRT_ screen soft hand holds) and local control panel manually. diesel generator shutdown mode is divided into: the distance (CRT screen soft hand holds), local control panel down or an emergency stop, the engine control panel accident shut down the body or the body machinery downtime. diesel generators with operating mode selector switch has three positions, namely "Auto", "Manual", "Stop." Automatic mode: Automatic mode is the normal operating mode, operating mode selector switch in the "Auto" position, then the diesel generator starts automatically put into the state. remote start and stop mode: operating mode selector switch in the "manual" position, which means that diesel generator set for the remote control. Diesel generators remote start and stop. local manual start and stop methods: in situ "position selector switch" on "in situ" position, which means that diesel generator set startup mode for the place, local manual diesel generators can start and stop. manually start the engine when the operation mode select On concern to "manual" mode, close the diesel generator start switch, when the rotational speed, the voltage reaches the rated value, diesel generator outlet switch closing. diesel engine equipped with automatic synchronization device, the test can be used with auxiliary power in the same period in parallel to achieve with a load test run. Select On the Run concern to "test" position, close the diesel generator start switch, when the rotational speed, the voltage reaches the rated value, diesel generators and auxiliary power outlet switch is automatically tied. diesel generator starts, inspection staff should be immediately to the scene to check the generator, the generator ministries without abnormal sounds, abnormal vibration, water, oil, loose bolts and nuts, circuit break, pipe joints loose, etc., while checking diesel generator exhaust normal color, and confirm the following values:
Speed oil pressure oil temperature voltage cycle cooling water temperature diesel generator set must be confirmed in the operation of the security bus stop working power has been restored. opened the diesel generator outlet switch, wait 3-5 minutes idling diesel generators, diesel generators kicked start switch.
12.7.4 diesel generators running diesel generator for continuous operation at rated conditions, the operation should be monitored to check each of the following operating parameters does not exceed (or below) the specified value:
Voltage Current Frequency Power Factor oil pressure oil temperature cooling water temperature the fuel tank level battery charging pressure
400V ± 5% 2000A 50Hz 0.8 0.5MPa need information 30 ~ 35 ℃ normal 24V DC running diesel generator sets, there should be no abnormal vibration phenomenon, the diesel generator exhaust no abnormal color. normal operation, the diesel generator operating mode selector switch to vote "Auto" position. diesel generator starts 10 seconds after reaching the rated speed, rated voltage, within 10 seconds if the bus voltage returns to normal security, the diesel generator outlet switch is not closing; if security remains low voltage bus, diesel power is automatically closed machinery exports switch to bus power supply security. prolonged idling diesel is strictly prohibited. With no load, should be shut down standby. unit operation in the exhaust pipe exhaust temperature is high. Therefore prohibited from approaching the exhaust pipe to prevent burns, and to ensure that no pollution around the exhaust pipe oil or other flammable materials to prevent fires. After the outage, the coolant temperature is high, then the non-open the radiator cap, and prohibits the uncooled coolant system with coolant, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the engine. unit failure, is strictly prohibited in troubleshooting and reset before the start again. Unit in the "manual" or "automatic" mode, the fault is not excluded by non-fault reset button.
12.7.5 diesel generator inspection and periodic routine test content diesel generator in the automatic mode when the contents of periodic inspection Inspection diesel generator sets no leakage. Check the oil level is normal. Check the cooling water level. storage tank and check oil level daily fuel tank. Inspection "in situ position selector switch in the" Auto "position, the power switch is in the security section work together bit, indicator light, the" emergency stop "button in the correct position, the control on the dashboard without alarm indication. Check the battery charge indicator light voltage is normal. Test diesel generators single Sunday day shift, for diesel generator sets in place start test. double Sunday morning shift, remote start for diesel generator test. start up to do before the engine starts with a load test.
12.7.6 diesel generator protection and signaling engine protection action at shutdown protection: high water temperature (95 ℃ above); lubricating oil pressure is too low (0.5MPa less); reverse power shutdown; overdrive. action signal protection: high water temperature; lubricants down; lubricant temperature high; low oil level; grounded. generators and feeder protection protection: internal short circuit protection reflect the generator. overload and ground fault sensing device action signal. generator excitation system shall be equipped with automatic voltage regulator fault protection. installation of brushless exciter rectifier diode fault protection. feeder short-circuit protection and overload protection switch included the use of export realization semiconductor trip. Total feeders and feeders should be installed in the branch phase short circuit and overload protection; infeed system shall be installed throughout the single phase detection devices. Phase short circuit protection action in the circuit breaker trips; overload and ground fault sensing device action signal. Feeder short-circuit protection and overload protection included the use of a semiconductor circuit breaker tripping implementations. Signal: Signal system can be set in the unit's control cabinets and control room computer: unit operation signal unit start signal failure overspeed signal unit lubricating oil pressure, low oil pressure signal cooling water temperature is high, the water temperature is too high signal fuel tank oil level low signal 24V DC supply voltage disappears signal 110V DC power fail signal rotating rectifier diode fault signal automatic voltage regulator fault signal * total signal unit failure * abnormal signal unit operation * operating mode selector switch position signal security section power switchover circuit fuse blown signal Note: "*" indicates that the signal is lowered locally installed, but still lead to a host group unit control room (passive contact output).
12.7.7 diesel generator failures in the operation and handling diesel generator failures in the operation of the following: start and stop switch trip, the crew stopped and dashboard alarm. If not tripped, you should immediately press the "emergency stop" button, emergency stop. Failure: speeding. cooling water temperature is high. not start. oil pressure is low. treatment: spot checks on the instrument panel fault indicator to determine the cause of the fault. identify the cause, notify maintenance treatment. Eliminate the fault, reset the alarm on the dashboard, press the "trip reset button", "total return" button to start again. diesel generators for the failure, in situ dashboard warning: Failure: overcurrent, ground. low oil pressure shutdown, low oil pressure alarm. shutdown cooling water temperature is high, the water temperature is too high alarm. failed to start. reverse power trip, reverse power shutdown public alarm to alert the public. breaker, sub. overspeed shutdown. low oil level treatment: fault indicator in accordance with the instructions of the fault content processing. after a fault reset fault signal. . diesel generators can not start Failure: inlet blocked. lack of fuel or fuel quality is not good. fuel injection system failure. treatment: observed row tobacco smoke color and smoke emission, fuel combustion analysis. Check the oil level in the fuel tank. inspection, try to put the fuel system hydrophobic. check whether the air inlet clogged. If you still can not start, notify maintenance, reporting values long. insufficient output unit Failure: insufficient amount of lubricating oil, low oil pressure, high viscosity, lubrication system blockage. fuel supply, such as the fuel system blockage. fuel poor, if water seepage. clogged nozzles or air volume is insufficient. treatment: Check the exhaust tobacco smoke color. check engine oil level, oil pressure, filter. check the fuel oil. Check unit without other abnormalities, such as burning smell, abnormal sound, etc., if necessary, notify maintenance treatment
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