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Title: Diesel generator set engine failure analysis
Time: 2013/7/11 11:32:35
FUJIAN XINHENGXIN MOTOR CO.,LTD Troubleshooting for Diesel Engine is a systematic project, so make diesel engines as a whole (a system), but not as a set of components. Failure to grasp the whole situation, have a comprehensive understanding of the operator to observe the engine, and make the necessary checks and to make an analysis can point out the cause of the malfunction.
(A) failure to understand the phenomenon
First, the failure to listen to and understand the symptoms reported. Some signs of failure may be blurred, while others may be more specific faults.
Although there are many fault conditions can be very quickly and easily be understood, however, some maintenance personnel will recall some of the examples of failure analysis is often made on the first conclusion, we can not exclude these faults. These situations occurs, because there was no learned some important situations, or ignore these important cases.
For maintenance personnel, the employer must, in particular to the actual operator asked, so that you have a full understanding of failure problems. In some cases only the operator knows, and you must be aware of these situations. There are other situations, but only by observing the engine is running, or removing some of the parts can be found later.
Some of you may recall a similar failure was in a special way to exclude. However, the same fault, not always use the same method to deal with.
Maintenance personnel can ask questions in the form below to diagnose the information required to understand the information:
1. Diesel usage
Prior to the failure of any unusual noises? Yes load or light load operation? Acceleration or deceleration? Oil pressure or temperature has changed?
At that time the existence of unusual dust or fumes? Climatic conditions how? Wind much?
First perceived failure how? Oil, fuel, coolant consumption much? Recently there any changes? Smoke concentration how?
Diesel throttle reaction is sensitive? Deceleration is normal? Downtime satisfactory? Cold start satisfactory? Had stalled or misfire do?
Using what fuel? Levels and sources of fuel what? Idling or running at full speed when the surge do? Ability to make long-term idle running?
2. Maintenance history
Whether Diesel recently repaired? What kind of maintenance?
This failure occurred before you? Last revised at what time? Recently replaced when oil and fuel filters?
Maintenance system is strict? Fuel how to obtain and store: Maintenance category and the lubricant level how?
Engine running or how many km h? Who is going to repair and adjust?
Replace the oil filter when inspected full flow oil filter cartridge you? Found any metallic impurities do?
3. Observations
Diesel Clean or dirty? Belt tension situation? Externally without oil, fuel or water leakage? Appeared overheating do?
Diesel engine has made temporary repairs (parts not tighten, parts breakage, etc.).
How the sound of diesel engines idling? Pulley you have any wobbling? Recently repaired or replaced any parts you?
There are all belong to the diesel engine or non-standard parts? Whether the adverse pipeline?
Oil oil, water and fuel oil level is satisfactory it (if it involves bearing problems, pay attention to the oil situation. Ever occurred in this case, the bearing damage due to oil shortage, but only after the operator to re-inject new crankcase oil).
When removing, diesel engine without odor, deposits, sludge? Rocker cover under the presence or absence of other adverse circumstances?
4. Start overhaul mechanic issues to consider before
Simply ask and understand the situation, can not solve any problems. Therefore, you must know before maintenance and fault-related conditions, see the interdependence of each issue, in order to make a judgment.
Use of all available with the existing test instrumentation for the process of thinking (thinking) is helpful, but not always want to use.
Machinist must be familiar Chaiyou Fan model, device model and operating knowledge. Diesel engine equipment, such as a torque converter, cooler and variable speed control and so must be considered.
Most diesel users of unnecessary downtime and loss caused by premature removal are offensive, so pay attention to a planned and targeted maintenance, and to be able to completely overhaul and success every time.
As a part of any engine out of the question, may affect the operation of the machine, so you must have extensive experience in identifying diesel engine running, can successfully troubleshoot an important condition is that you have about using diesel engines and parts operation aspects knowledge to troubleshoot the problem, which is an intellectual logistics activities.
Looking for troubleshooting certain checks to be carried out, it is not difficult to be done, and check the information must be the same failures. You can not say that in front of the diesel engine of a diesel engine with the same last week's failure to think that the same cause of the malfunction.
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