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Title: Diesel generator room selection and stability point
Time: 2013/7/11 9:43:45
    Diesel generator room of choice has been a diesel generator set customers encounter a problem, choose a good diesel generator set installation location is very important, it relates to the use of diesel generators after the quality and maintenance. So how on site diesel generator room to it,

(A) the siting of diesel generator room considering diesel generator air intake, exhaust, smoke, etc., if the conditions when the best room in the first floor. However, the high-rise buildings are expensive, especially for foreign business is usually the first floor, is a gold zone, therefore, are generally located in the basement room. Because access to the basement should not, poor natural ventilation, room design to bring a series of unfavorable factors, the design should pay attention to handling. Site selection should pay attention to the following points:

① should not be located in the surrounding wall of the room without, as hot air ducts and exhaust pipes create conditions for export outside;
② try to avoid the main entrance of the building, the facade and other parts, in order to avoid smoke, exhaust affect them;
③ Note that the noise impact on the environment;
④ substation should be close to the building, it is easy wiring, reduce energy consumption, but also easy operation and management.

(2) Ventilation diesel generator room ventilation problems is room design should pay special attention to resolving the problem, especially when the generator room in the basement is more properly handle, otherwise it will directly affect the operation of diesel generator sets. Unit exhaust air pipes should generally be set up, not let loose the heat engine radiator in the engine room, and then extracted from the exhaust fan. Engine room have enough fresh air to add. Diesel engine is running, the engine room ventilation should be equal to or greater than the outdoor air required for the combustion engine with fresh air to maintain the required room temperature and. Fresh air to maintain the required temperature calculated by the following formula:
C = 0.078PT
Where C --- need fresh air (m3 / s);
    P --- Engine rated power (kW);
    T --- room temperature (℃).

    Maintain the fresh air needed for combustion diesel engine manufacturers can be obtained from the crew, without information, you can calculate per kilowatt power needs 0.1m3/mim (diesel power generators with generating power at 1.1 times the number of kilowatt equipped). Diesel generator room ventilation is generally set to take exhaust air duct, into the wind is a natural way into the wind. Heat pipe radiator together with the diesel engine and its connection with the soft joints, hot air pipes should be straight, if you want to turn inside turning radius as large as possible and should be smooth, and is as close to the outlet on the radiator. Inlet and outlet, respectively, should be arranged at both ends of the unit, in order to avoid the formation of air short circuit, affecting heat dissipation. Room air outlet, air inlet area should satisfy the following requirements:
S1 ≥ 1.5s
S2 ≥ 1.8s formula
S --- engine cooling area;
S1 --- outlet area;
S2 --- inlet area.

    In cold areas should be noted that the air inlet and exhaust ports usually on the room temperature, room temperature is too low so as not to affect the unit's start. Air and outdoor air damper can be set at the connection, usually turned off, turned on automatically when the unit is running.

(3) the role of smoke exhaust system inside the cylinder exhaust to the outdoors. Exhaust system backpressure should be minimized, because the gas engine will result in an increase in resistance to a decline in output and an increase in temperature. Exhaust pipe laying methods commonly used are two kinds:

① level aerial installation, the advantage is turning less resistance, the disadvantage is to increase the indoor heat dissipation, so that room temperature;
② laying a trench, the advantage of the indoor heat a small amount of exhaust pipe drawback is turning more resistance is relatively large. Is commonly used in the basement level of aerial installation. Exhaust pipe should be drawn separately to minimize elbow. Exhaust gas temperature at 350 ~ 550 ℃, in order to prevent burns and reduce radiant heat, exhaust pipes should be insulated. Exhaust noise in the unit total noise is the most intense kind of muffler should be set to reduce the noise.

(4) is based primarily on the basis of diesel generator sets and used to support the entire weight of the base, the base is located, based on the unit is installed on the base, the base is generally taken damping measures. In high-rise buildings generally use high-speed diesel generator sets, when the unit is mounted on the floor that is not the bottom when not using heavy concrete foundation, in order to avoid excessive increases base load floor. When the unit is located in the building when the ground floor, the unit should be required to set concrete foundation. Corner screws can be embedded, you can also reach other units and then with electric drill installation.

(5) Grounding general application of three kinds of diesel generator room ground:
① ground work, the generator neutral grounding;
② protective grounding, electrical equipment normally uncharged metal grounding;
③ Antistatic grounding, fuel system equipment and piping grounded. Can be used with a variety of ground-rise building common ground with other grounding device, namely a joint grounding method.

(6) Fuel storage room should be set up 3 ~ 8h's Daily fuel tank, its volume can be calculated as: V = G? Γ? A? Τ where:
V-Day Tank Volume (m3);
G-diesel fuel consumption (kg / h) from the sample detected;
γ-fuel severe (kg/m3), light diesel oil is 810 ~ 860kg/m3; A-tank filled coefficient, generally 0.90;
τ-injection time, usually take 3 ~ 8h.
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