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Title: Diesel generator sets Industry Review Review Review Review and Forecast
Time: 2013/7/11 11:08:39
Since 1998, China's diesel generators started the Great Leap Forward, the new machine, especially Cummins in China has been an unprecedented development; This is because China's economic reform and opening up to foreign capital inflows brought the new plant surge, power system development speed is too slow, so standby power generator sets from almost become the main power supply, by doing so, created a number of Cummins and Viagra letter agents tycoon.

Beginning in 2002, gradually improve the national electricity system, coupled with investment in new plant and orderly development (unlike the original blowout _ ~ _), generators agency more and more, the new machine sales significantly decreased; when As in previous years the cumulative down turbines began to need maintenance and repair, so to repair, supplies, generators based company began in large numbers, and the creation of economic growth again.

2003, the United States, Russia, Canada have blackouts, resulting in a worldwide power crisis, when China not many people noticed this is what signals ~ ~

In 2004, China entered the history of the most "hot" in the summer, not only wind up the Pearl River Delta desperately brownouts, just two months, brownouts file every one on the next to reach the national industrial city; precisely this time, many enterprises into standby generator sets, there has been some idle units, some enterprises began to try to lease generators, and if so used generator sets fire up slowly, especially when these three years 2004,05,06 Zhejiang government-owned power generation enterprise unit subsidy documents look up to, the business of second-hand generator red half of the sky, I remember the most crazy time the price of second-hand than the new machine is also expensive, and why? Because the new machine has long been sold out, to the new machine, the order of nearly a year! Also in this case, because the two phones is limited supply, supply and demand reached unprecedented rebellious, how to solve this problem? Some companies think of assembling the generator used generator sets, with discarded ship machine, engineering machinery, automobile power to buy parts for repair, assembly, prices are surprisingly high.

Crazy after all need to be adjusted, the next 2007 flat a lot, although business is still continuing, but has returned to 2003 levels, this time a lot of companies, especially those with a certain size of the generator companies began to seek a way out, some began the engine manufacturer, some started their own production generators (power ball), many companies started the engine + = turbine generator assembly of the road, this time, the domestic flat let some generating companies began to seek foreign markets, a small gasoline engine , a small diesel engine again, the large diesel generator sets, from Southeast Asia to Africa, international trade began to rise.

2008, I would like a few decades we will not forget this year, not only because of the Olympics, snowstorms, earthquakes, but also because in 2008 the entire turbine industry truly come a rainbow night, just enter 2008, a snowstorm so many people to tears, the generator company donations, but also brought no small units orders; 512 earthquakes so that the entire Chinese people to tears, rescue turbine orders pour in, some companies therefore profit a lot, 50 ~ 200KW generator sets out of stock again.

In the second half, the U.S. bailout plan so that people feel the global economic crisis comes true, this two-year price increase, coupled with people not willing to face the economic crisis spread, so that China's economy into a swamp fog, the National began to export-dependent development model began to adjust, to strengthen the regulation of medicines and food (melamine, etc.), to strengthen corruption punished (every day people Executed), which means that the state began to organize national "House" for the future "to expand domestic demand, "do a good job security and a virtuous cycle of preparation; returned turbine industry, affected by the global economic crisis, most of the export-dependent companies began to slump, leading to dependence repair and sale of turbine generator company followed the recession, international trade also no major improvement, the industry sometimes fall into the freezing point.

But the strange thing was staged, there are a lot of people will ask: Why are so many engine manufacturers still have endless single it? There are some generators (bulb) is the same manufacturer, or work overtime every day? Here I analyze a bit rough, mainly because 2007 and mid-2008, head of global purchasing volume growth is due, in part due to some developing countries needed for the building, in part because of international support orders, and partly from the war and other factors Of course no matter what factors do you see the second half of last year and the fact of the matter is the beginning of "order" and can not represent the real situation now.
Of course, in addition to global economic factors, there is an important factor also contributed to the depressed key generator set sector, that is, oil prices, oil prices rose year after year in recent years so that would "cost-effective" generator formed a "less than very necessary The best time to tune "the furnishings, I am afraid there are many industry professionals have to start nostalgia for the original" contract generation "of the era
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