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Title: Diesel generator use and maintenance
Time: 2013/7/11 11:13:21
A-level maintenance (Day Care)
l) Check generator work daily;
2) Check the generator oil flat, coolant plane;
3) generators daily inspection for damage, leakage, whether the belt is loose or worn;
4) Check the air filter, clean the air filter core and replace if necessary;
5) release of the fuel tank and fuel filter in the water or sediment;
6) Check the water through filters;
7) Check the starter battery and battery fluid, if necessary, adding replenisher;
8) Start the generator and check for abnormal noise;
9) Clean the tank with an air gun, coolers and cooling network dust.
Class B Maintenance
1) Class A repeated daily inspection;
2) every 100-250 hours, to replace the diesel filter;
All diesel filter can not be cleaned. Only can be replaced. 100-250 hours is a flexible time must be based on actual Clean Diesel and replaced;
3) every 200-250 hours, to replace the generator oil and oil filter;
Oil must meet API CF or above U.S.;
4) Replace the air filter (unit running 300-400 hours);
Room environment should pay attention to while the time decided to replace the air filter, this filter can be cleaned with an air gun;
5) Replace the water through filter and add DCA concentration;
6) cleaning crankcase breather valve strainer.

C-level maintenance unit operation 2000-3000 hours, do the following:
Repeat A, B level maintenance
1) Remove the valve cover, cleaning oil, sludge;
2) fastening screws ministries (including running part, the fixed part);
3) with the engine crankcase Jie Ba cleaning, sludge, iron and sediment;
4) Check the wear on the turbocharger and clean coke, if necessary, adjust;
5) Check and adjust valve clearance;
6) Check the PT pump, fuel injector work, adjusting injector stroke, when necessary adjustments;
7) Check and adjust fan belt, water pump belt tension, if necessary, adjust or replace: cleaning water tank cooling network and check the thermostat performance.

Minor repairs (ie, D-level maintenance) (3000-4000 hours)
l) check valve, valve seat and other wear and tear, if necessary, repair or replacement;
2) Check the PT pump, fuel injector working conditions, if necessary, repair, adjustment;
3) Check and adjust linkage and the fastening screws of torque;
4) Check and adjust valve clearance;
5) Adjust injector stroke;
6) Check and adjust fan belt tension charger;
7) cleaning the intake manifold of coke;
8) Cleaning intercooler core;
9) clean the whole engine oil lubrication system;
10) cleaning rocker chamber, oil pan sludge and metal filings.

In the repair (6000-8000 hours)
(1) containing a small repair projects;
(2) Resolution engine (except crankshaft outside);
(3) Check the cylinder, piston, piston rings, intake and exhaust valves, etc. crank, valve, lubrication system, cooling system, wearing parts and replace if necessary;
(4) Check the fuel supply system, adjustable oil pump nozzle;
(5) generator power ball repair detection, clean oil deposits, lubricated electric ball bearings.

Overhaul (9000-15000 hours)
(1) Included in the repair project;
(2) All engine disintegration;
(3) replacement of the cylinder block, pistons, piston rings, size bearings, crankshaft thrust pad, intake and exhaust valves, complete engine overhaul kits;
(4) adjust the oil pump, fuel injector, replace pump core, fuel injection head;
(5) Replace turbocharger overhaul kits, water pump repair kits;
(6) Calibration rod, crankshaft, and other parts of the body, if necessary, repaired or replaced.
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