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Title: Diesel generator set concept and test methods
Time: 2013/7/11 11:17:41
Diesel generator sets
Captive power plant diesel generator set is a type of AC-powered device, is a small independent power generation equipment, powered by an internal combustion engine, driven synchronous alternator and power generation.
Modern diesel generator sets from the diesel engine, three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, control box (screen), cooling water tank, couplings, fuel tank, muffler and public base and other steel components overall. Engine flywheel housing front cover in the axial direction of the generator using the positioning shoulder integrally formed directly, using the elastic coupling from the cylindrical flywheel rotary direct drive generator, which is coupled manner secured together by a screw, so that the two are coupled into a steel body, to ensure the engine crankshaft and the generator rotor concentricity within a predetermined range.
Diesel generator set is determined by a combination of internal combustion engine and the synchronous generator, the maximum power of the engine components by mechanical load and thermal load limit, called the rated power, AC synchronous generator rated power refers to the rated speed, Long-term continuous operation, the output power rating, usually diesel engine rated power output synchronous AC generator output power rating, called matching ratio.

Diesel generator sets
1 Overview
Diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, means the diesel fuel to diesel prime mover driven generator to power machinery. Diesel generator sets are generally diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, start-up and control the storage battery, protection devices, emergency cabinet and other components. Can be fixed on the basis of overall positioning use, can be mounted on a trailer for mobile use.
Diesel generator set is a non-continuous operation of power generation equipment, if continuous operation over 12h, the output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%.
Although the diesel generator power is low, but because of its small size, flexible, lightweight, fully furnished, easy operation and maintenance, it is widely used in mining, railways, field site, road traffic maintenance, as well as factories, businesses, hospitals and other departments , as a backup power supply or temporary power. In recent years, newly developed automatic emergency power station unattended, even expanding the use of this kind of generator set range.
At present, China has a production capacity of export manufacturing plant in Tianjin Power Equipment Factory has more than 10. Products are exported to Europe, Asia and Africa, dozens of countries and regions, well received.
2 Classification and specifications
Diesel generator set to the size of the generator output power classification, the unit of energy from 10kW-750kW variety of specifications. Each specification is divided into a protective type (with super-speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure protection device), emergency mobile power station type-and several structures. Wherein the mobile station is divided into speed can match with the vehicle speed and low speed high-speed off-road ordinary mobile type.
3 Ordering Precautions
Diesel generator set export inspection is based on the contract or technical agreement on technical or economic indicators tested, the user in selecting and contracting, you should note the following:
(A) if the use of environmental conditions and diesel generator set calibration values gap between the environmental conditions, it should be indicated when the signing temperature, humidity and altitude values to provide appropriate models and ancillary equipment;
(2) description taken in the use of cooling, especially in large capacity units, it should be noted;
(3) When ordering, in addition shall indicate unit model, but also to explain selection of the models;
(4) diesel voltage regulation rate of 1%, 2%, 2.5% of the rated voltage. What choice should also be described;
(5) when the normal supply to provide a certain amount of wearing parts, otherwise necessary, should be explained.
4 test items and methods
Diesel generator sets based suite of products, including diesel engines, generators, control parts, protection devices. Export products of the whole test, including the following:
(A) the technical and inspection data review;
(2) product specifications, models, the main structural dimensions;
(3) the overall appearance of product quality;
(4) Unit Performance: The main technical parameters are indicators, unit operating flexibility, a variety of automatic protection device reliability and sensitivity;
(5) the contract or technical agreement of the other items.

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